DNA decontamination reagent for working surfaces, equipment, clothing and skin

Ref.: bn-dnarid
2x250 mL
34,00 €

Ref.: bn-dnarid5
2x5 L
467,00 €

PCR false positives result from genomic, amplified or other DNA contamination of working surfaces, lab clothing and staff skin. False-positive PCR results are devastating for scientific, medical and forensic labs.

DNArid is a powerful, high-performance and quick-acting reagent developed specifically for eliminating genomic, amplified or any other DNA contamination from working surfaces, including lab furniture, flow cabinets, equipment, and even technicians’ clothing and skin.

DNArid is always here: it is ultimately effective in case contamination happened or for preventing surfaces from contamination if used daily to weekly.

The reagent is non-toxic for humans, environmentally friendly, non-corrosive making it suitable for treating various surfaces.

Being non-hazardous, DNArid is the rescue for the labs with the alongside located electrophoresis and PCR laboratory rooms. We are aware that this is the common case. Routine treatment of door knobs and other cross-contacted articles (including lab clothing and shoes) that laboratory staff come in contact with minimizes the risk of a clean PCR room becoming contaminated.

For decontaminating skin or clothes, follow the standard DNArid decontamination protocol. However, avoid applying the reagent to damaged skin. Upon the contact of skin with the reagent, a short-term burning feeling may be experienced. DNArid was specifically developed to be well-tolerated by skin. However, we do not recommend regular skin exposure to the reagent.

In the tests conducted, DNArid caused no damage to either color or structure of fabric. However, prior to use for clothes decontamination, please verify the compatibility of the reagent with the clothes articles to be decontaminated.


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