RNA-Xtrac Plus

Spin-column RNA extraction kit

Ref.: bn-rxtr6
For total RNA extraction from 100 samples, 106 cells or 100 mg tissue
374,00 €

RNA-Xtrac Plus is an easy and cost-effective alternative solution to costly kits for RNA extraction from tissues and mammalian cell culture in columns. Extracting RNA with RNA-Xtrac Plus does not require a cold centrifuge, you work with stable reagents. The procedure takes considerably less time than when using the phenol-chloroform method.

To date, RNA-Xtrac Plus is by far the most complete kit for RNA extraction in the world. It consists of not only the necessary reagents, columns and test tubes but also stripped test tubes with reagent stabilizer for sampling aliquots to analyze RNA integrity with electrophoresis. RNA-Xtrac Plus buffers are designed in the way that you do not need to add any non-kit components.

We have reconsidered physical and chemical fundamentals for RNA extraction. This allowed us to abate substantially RNA contamination with mitochondrial DNA. Due to this, RNA output has increased. Besides, RNA purity has grown.

RNA-Xtrac is designed for RNA extraction from cell culture (up to 106 cells) as well as mammalian tissues (up to 100 mg). It can be adjusted to other taxons as well.

To maximize RNA extraction effectiveness and efficiency we recommend decontaminating working surfaces and dispensers with our company’s products, i.e. RNAseClean Soft and RNAseClean Xtreme.

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